What strategy Jarvis is using? Is it forex? arbitrage? Is it automatic system?

It is a high frequency trading controlled by Jarvis (first engine) and Jarvis is controlled by the second mechanism called Varoom. Varoom is responsible for the trade-size of trading (which basically tells Jarvis should we buying or selling, so it’s like reacting in realtime) and Jarvis has technical indicators for filtering signals (like: macd, ema, dema).
AI Bots are focusing on particular exchanges to trade on particular pairs, ie. USDT to BTC, USDT to Etherum and Etherum to BTC. And bots compare these pairs and use the price differences within them. It is a strategy similar to triangle arbitrage, but significantly improved.
Bots are not full-automatic, they are also controlled by humans (in 40%). Human work focuses on setting stop limits and upgrading the algorithm.

So Cloudtoken is doing triangular Arbitrage and TA. With a help of some partnership companies Cloudtoken is also doing a classic arbitrage (to avoid transactions costs).