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Are there any limits?

The limit is not fixed however it can be fixed in the near future. About 1 mln wallets will be able to earn from Jarvis or about 50-80 mln dollars. But new projects are also coming (except Jarvis).

The individual limit of max. deposit is not set yet, but it will be about $50,000.

Why other WALLETS don’t require ETH for paying fees?

These wallets are CENTRALIZED, your ASSET is already with them, so they won’t need to transfer from wallet A to wallet B which cost GAS/MINING Fee. If you’ve used MYCELIUM, MEW, METAMASK, IMTOKEN, you’ll know this is very normal, you need GAS to send out these ERC20 tokens.

How USDT fee is calculated when I run Jarvis?

USDT has 2 types (soon 3) it’s based on ERC20 and BTC (omni). Cloudtoken is using both: OMNI (USDT) and ERC20 version (USDTERC20). Omni version is using a SHARING IS CARING model, which Cloudtoken charge all users CTO mining fee to pay for the BTC fee for USDT transfer, however we’ll be stopping this in a very near future. For ERC20 model ETH is charged to pay the fee.