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When debit cards will be available?

Not earlier than in August. Cards will be available for C1-C5 rank users.

Every rank will have different withdrawal limits in their debit card:

  • C1- 15k
  • C2- 25k
  • C3- 50k
  • C4- 500k
    C3- 50k
  • C5-1 million per day

Why did I stop making money on referrals?

This could happen due to the price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies and the value of your deposit is below $500. We recommend to deposit not less than $600.

What is Bitbeta? Why Cloudtoken is using RC-20 method?

Bitbeta is a mobile blockchain network without the use of servers.

Bitbeta is not 100% ready yet. Cloudtoken is based on Bitbeta, but not in full yet, because they are still buidling library and other necessary things. In the future Bitbeta will be open source.

So Cloudtoken is still using RC 20, because it is easier and cheaper to exchange. But in the future it will be migrated to their own mainnet when it will be ready.

What increases CTO token price?

CTO Token price increases when members keep CTO and do not exchange to ETH. Then Cloudtoken has more money to trade and more money goes to the reserve and the price of CTO goes up as high as AI bots earn on exchanges.

So these 3 elements form the formula to predict the cloudtoken price:

Reserve pool
Trading pool (Jarvis wallet)

In details:

CTO price = reserve pool (earned money from ai bot) ÷ amount of tokens in circulation

12% monthly earnings from ai bot is transferred to the reserve pool. Additional earnings (more than 12%) are in hold in Jarvis for trading. So the total sum of trading is growing even if no new members are joining.