Some changes are coming!

# Major points
* in 10 weeks Malaysian head support office (Kuala Lumpur) opens
* Mega opening event in Malaysia for 10000 members
* We are hitting max soon in Jarvis
* JARVIS AI Withdrwal deposit penalty will be soon removed
So you will be able to remove deposit from jarvis without penalty but ONCE REMOVED AGAIN U CANNOT RE-ENTER TO JARVIS AI. You have to use other projects.
* Members have a deadline until the first week of June to enable security features (2FA and Mnemonic words). Then private keys will be released to everyone and all the crypto addresses will be changed.
* There are about +200 Jarvis bots running. Average daily roi of Jarvis is: 0.3-0.7%, but it can be up to 15-18%
* We are actively working with other partners and merchants like Expedia to offer booking hotels, planes, etc. through CTO
* Cloudtoken have about 6 offices already, 4 of them are in China
* A lot of new services are coming out. One of them is the possibility to communicate between members in their groups

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