How to run Jarvis Bot?


Running Jarvis Bot

Simply funding our wallet does not cause us to start earning (from 6 to 12% monthly with daily accruals). To start earning Jarvis Bot must be launched. Just click PROJECTS tab and then click on the JARVIS AI image:

Agree to this project rules and then click PROJECTS button

Now choose from which wallet you want to add funds for the bot's work.

By the way, you can also press statistics icon in the upper right corner to track the work and live transactions made by the bot

Click on the selected wallet and enter the amount (minimum $ 500 if we want to earn from referrals), which we want to spend. If we want to allocate all funds from the wallet, click the MAX button, which also calculates charged fee by blockchain automatically:


After clicking PROCEED button and entering the code from the google authenticator, our funds are transferred under the management of the bot.

You will receive first accruals after min. 24 hours.

If you want to refer people it we recommend to fund more than $ 500, for example $550-600, because exchange rate fluctuations may cause that our deposit will be below $500 and you will not receive your commission.



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