FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Cloudtoken faq frequently asked questions


Who are Cloudtoken owners?

CloudToken project was created in cooperation of several teams. The entire architecture of the wallet was designed by BitBeta. Ronald Aai is a CloudToken technical director (CTO). Matthew Suen is also part of the technical team.

World Blockchain Forum (WBF), founded by Sheng Zhao, is responsible for the marketing and media side of the project.

There is also CloudToken team responsible for operations, officially registered in Australia as CLOUD TECHNOLOGY & INVESTMENTS PTY LTD.

Can you accept US citizens? Are you legal in US?

Yes. In Cloudtoken there are no exchange elements, no ICO, no CTO and you can’t buy coins. They are also incorporated as the asset management company (like private bankers).

Can Cloudtoken be closed by any goverment?

No, it can’t be, because it is running on blockchain.

Why transactions are not instant? Why our performance data are not up to date?

All data is not stored on the server. Cloudtoken wallet is pulling out data from a blockchain. That means we need to wait for updated blockchain data to see precise data in our wallet. Our mobile wallet downloads not the whole block data but index of numbers only and it takes extra time.

Where is Cloudtoken registered?

Cloud Token is registered under the name CLOUD TECHNOLOGY & INVESTMENTS PTY LTD in the Australian ASIC register.

When Cloudtoken started?

Cloudtoken registration was opened in January 2019 for Chinesse only. Later other countries joined. It was a pre-launch mode. The official opening took place on May 12.



Can I register from any country?




Which funding method of Jarvis is preferred?

Etherum due to quick transactions. Currently CTO can be exchanged to ETH only.

What is Jarvis funding minimum?

But we recommend to fund $550-600 minimum so you will earn referral commission from your referrals and because of withdrawal minimum.



How to recognize live-data Jarvis transactions?

B = buy

S = sell


What strategy Jarvis is using? Is it forex? arbitrage? Is it automatic system?

It is a high frequency trading controlled by Jarvis (first engine) and Jarvis is controlled by the second mechanism called Varoom. Varoom is responsible for the trade-size of trading (which basically tells Jarvis should we buying or selling, so it’s like reacting in realtime) and Jarvis has technical indicators for filtering signals (like: macd, ema, dema).
AI Bots are focusing on particular exchanges to trade on particular pairs, ie. USDT to BTC, USDT to Etherum and Etherum to BTC. And bots compare these pairs and use the price differences within them. It is a strategy similar to triangle arbitrage, but significantly improved.
Bots are not full-automatic, they are also controlled by humans (in 40%). Human work focuses on setting stop limits and upgrading the algorithm.

So Cloudtoken is doing triangular Arbitrage and TA. With a help of some partnership companies Cloudtoken is also doing a classic arbitrage (to avoid transactions costs).

How many exchanges are supported by Jarvis?

Cloudtoken bots system is ready to trade on 38 exchanges. Cloudtoken is using top market exchanges like Binance, OKEx, Cex (9 in total).

Have we 100% control of money placed in Jarvis bot?

No, just as you have no control when you send money to exchangers.
The assets that are put into the wallet without going into the Travis are still under your control.

When I receive my first accrauls from Jarvis?

No earlier than 24 hours after Jarvis launch.

Are there any limits?

The limit is not fixed however it can be fixed in the near future. About 1 mln wallets will be able to earn from Jarvis or about 50-80 mln dollars. But new projects are also coming (except Jarvis).

The individual limit of max. deposit is not set yet, but it will be about $50,000.



When blockchain explorer for CTO will be opened?

Blockchain explorer for CTO will be opened in October-November

Why Total Supply CTO wallet is not active (we do not see new transactions)?

ERC20 is a temporary solution and ERC20 is too expensive for transactions.

How is it possible to send CTO from account to account?

Click CTO at Super Wallet. Then click transfer button and provide receiver number account.

How many tokens are allocated in the management team?


What is Bitbeta? Why Cloudtoken is using RC-20 method?

Bitbeta is a mobile blockchain network without the use of servers.

Bitbeta is not 100% ready yet. Cloudtoken is based on Bitbeta, but not in full yet, because they are still buidling library and other necessary things. In the future Bitbeta will be open source.

So Cloudtoken is still using RC 20, because it is easier and cheaper to exchange. But in the future it will be migrated to their own mainnet when it will be ready.

What increases CTO token price?

CTO Token price increases when members keep CTO and do not exchange to ETH. Then Cloudtoken has more money to trade and more money goes to the reserve and the price of CTO goes up as high as AI bots earn on exchanges.

So these 3 elements form the formula to predict the cloudtoken price:

Reserve pool
Trading pool (Jarvis wallet)

In details:

CTO price = reserve pool (earned money from ai bot) ÷ amount of tokens in circulation

12% monthly earnings from ai bot is transferred to the reserve pool. Additional earnings (more than 12%) are in hold in Jarvis for trading. So the total sum of trading is growing even if no new members are joining.

how many CTO tokens were distributed?

One billion (1,000,000,000). You can track CTO tokens here

Where can I buy or sell CTO?

CTO is not listed on EXCHANGES and will never be. In the future (2020) Cloud Token Wallet DEx (Decentralised Exchange) will be launched.
CTO is an utility token, it is use to exchange for stuffs or buy stuffs.

How do we earn Cloud Tokens (CTO)?

After launching AI Bot (Jarvis) we receive our daily accruals in Cloud Tokens (CTO). We also receive CTO from our affiliate earnings.  CTO can be later converted into ETH at any time (0.5% fee).



Why other WALLETS don’t require ETH for paying fees?

These wallets are CENTRALIZED, your ASSET is already with them, so they won’t need to transfer from wallet A to wallet B which cost GAS/MINING Fee. If you’ve used MYCELIUM, MEW, METAMASK, IMTOKEN, you’ll know this is very normal, you need GAS to send out these ERC20 tokens.

What STABLE COIN needs GAS other then their own TOKENS?

USDT, USDC, TUSD, USDT, GUSD … (if you see their address is 0x….) like ethereum’s… most probably it needs ETH as gas. So put some ETH into your wallet, else you can’t send it to anywhere.

How USDT fee is calculated when I run Jarvis?

USDT has 2 types (soon 3) it’s based on ERC20 and BTC (omni). Cloudtoken is using both: OMNI (USDT) and ERC20 version (USDTERC20). Omni version is using a SHARING IS CARING model, which Cloudtoken charge all users CTO mining fee to pay for the BTC fee for USDT transfer, however we’ll be stopping this in a very near future. For ERC20 model ETH is charged to pay the fee.



I try to run Jarvis with my TUSD balance but I receive this error: “getting insufficient GAS”

Please understand that TUSD is an ERC20 token. It needs ETH as gas, so make sure your WALLET has ETH, else you’ll not be able to send that TUSD to anywhere.



Why did I stop making money on referrals?

This could happen due to the price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies and the value of your deposit is below $500. We recommend to deposit not less than $600.

Why we do not see deeper levels of our referrals?

Cloudtoken is applying for MLM license. It is necessary to reveal further levels.

Can I have multiple accounts and refer myself?

Yes you can.

Can I change my upline?

No, you can’t. If you really need to change your upline withdraw your funds and create the second wallet with correct upline.

Can I earn referral commission without active deposit?

No. You can earn referral commission only if you have not less than $500 on your Jarvis. So it is recommened to have about $550-600 minimum on balance because of the price fluctuations.



When debit cards will be available?

Not earlier than in August. Cards will be available for C1-C5 rank users.

Every rank will have different withdrawal limits in their debit card:

  • C1- 15k
  • C2- 25k
  • C3- 50k
  • C4- 500k
    C3- 50k
  • C5-1 million per day



Is cloudtoken an open-source application?

No and it will never be to protect its content from competitors.

How can I contact Cloudtoken?

Cloudtoken support office is organized in Kuala Lumpur.

For simple technical support questions like reset password/reset 2fa, please email to [email protected]