Cloudtoken unofficial news

KYC will be required to be invited to a September event.

CT is negotiating with big partners to offer hotel, booking, travel, etc services and we will be able to order these services via CTO with a discount.

A part of this discount will be added to a reserve pool. So every time when you spend CTO by prepaid card we will be generating additional revenue that’s going back to the reserve pool. We probably will be able to pay via CTO for event tickets, pay for trip, hotel. Report and fix feature will be added.

It means that when you click it, the script will check your account and try to fix automatically by scanning any errors.

Aurae system will be open-source, probably this year company is working now to get ISO 27001 certificate MLM Australian license Asset Management License and to get AFS Australian license (to conduct a financial services business in Australia) and after they get it they will apply for next certificate that will alow them to operate as OTC exchange which will allow them to open a bank account in Philippines to make crypto-fiat transactions.

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