Registration and referral code in CloudToken


How to register CloudToken account

Step 1: Download the mobile application from this website Choose the right system for your phone (Android or IOS). It is also possible to run the wallet under the windows system using android emulators such as Nox or BlueStacks




Step 2: install and run the application and then click Create Account button

Step 3: enter Referral code: 0923026522

Step 4: enter login PIN (login password) /at least 8 characters, at least one number and letter, and at least one large and one small character/

Step 5: enter payment PIN (transaction password) /at least 6 characters/

Step 6: fter the above steps your wallet will be created. Now save mnemonic words in the given order (on a piece of paper or make a screen) in a safe place. If you lose these words you will be not able to recover lost password! Some example of such words:

Step 7: In the next step, the wallet verifies whether we have saved the order correctly. Click the words in the saved order.

Step 8: After successfull verification we must save in a safe place following data: your login ID, login PIN and Payment PIN. Their loss may cause major difficulties in access to the wallet. The wallet is decentralized, so even SCFtoken wallet creators do not have access to this data.

Step 9: Now we will be redirected to the wallet. Click options in the upper left corner and select "settings":


Step 10: Click Google Authenticator to activate it. We will not be able to make transactions without this step. This is an additional form of security. If we do not have this app on the phone, we have to install it first.


Next step: Funding your wallet