About Cloudtoken

About Cloudtoken team, Ronald Aai, Matthew Suen and Sheng Zhao

CloudToken wallet founders

CloudToken project was created in cooperation of several teams. The entire architecture of the wallet was designed by BitBeta. Ronald Aai is a CloudToken technical director (CTO). Matthew Suen is also part of the technical team.

World Blockchain Forum (WBF), founded by Sheng Zhao, is responsible for the marketing and media side of the project.

There is also CloudToken team responsible for operations, officially registered in Australia as CLOUD TECHNOLOGY & INVESTMENTS PTY LTD.


Ronald Aai

  • Ronald Aai is the technical director (CTO) of CloudToken project. He is responsible for the proper operation of the mobile wallet application.

About Ronald Aii

Ronald has been an entrepreneur for twenty-five years. In his early career, he successfully built several online businesses and develops new technologies for social media, payments, mobile wallets, mobile phones, telecommunications systems, games and blockchain technologies and he creates patents. Together with his team, he built the BitBeta system (BBS), which is a distributed fourth generation technology (DLT: Distributed Ledger Technology).

Ronald was born in Malaysia in 1977 and is Chinese. Ss a 5-year-old he started his programming adventure under the care of his father. When he was only 15 years old, when PC computers were just gaining popularity, he was invited to write the first version of antivirus software for DOS. When he was 19, in 6 months he developed an online social networking system that reached 350,000 members in a short time. This system was subsequently sold to some Malaysian company.

Ronald's career continued. He was hired by a technical agency cooperating with the Malaysian Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) to develop an enterprise resource planning system (ERP -Enterprise Resource Planning) based on UNSPSC (The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code). At the same time, he managed a team of several dozen people to develop Material Requirements Planning (MRP) at Perodua in Malaysia, which is a car manufacturer.

At the beginning of the 21st century, knowledge of mobile devices led Ronald to Argentina and South Korea and to the best software engineers at Samsung, Sewon and LG, where he was able to become familiar with internal research when the smartphone was not on the market yet. A few years later he worked with Danish engineers on the development of chipsets for Skyworks, Sagem and Wavecom. In 2003, he was Director of Technology responsible for software and hardware design for a large mobile phone manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, and introduced more than 20 templates in one year for such cell phone manufacturers as Sony and Motorola. Young success did not slow down the young technologist.

In 2004, he founded his own company producing smartphones and software: Maxitech. Maxitech has won dozens of awards in the United States and Asia for outstanding achievements in the field of technology. Finally, the company has attracted over 50 million users of the virtual gaming console platform, which was finally acquired by Corous360 Pte Ltd based in Singapore.

In 2017 in Singapore, Ronald and his team created a company focused on mobile technology (fintech) - Bit Beta Pte Ltd. Foundation. Shortly thereafter, the team was asked to build a platform based on blockchain technology for a mobile device. To take full advantage of the potential computing and networking capabilities of mobile devices, Ronald and his team have developed the first fully distributed ledger technology: AURAE ((Adaptive Unified Reputation Algorithm (Evolved) - DLT). This team was also a pioneer of the SHOUT ( Simple Heuristic Object UDP Transfer protocol) and SWARM memory protocols, and both are key technologies used in the fourth generation of Blockchain Bit Beta System (BBS).

The Bit Beta system (BBS) is a revolutionary block technology based on the fourth generation (DLT), shared by all network participants. It is the only ultra-fast blockchain network in the world for mobile devices (smartphones, IOT devices, etc.). BitBeta's The seat of 88 South Bridge Road in Singapore, with operating offices in Malaysia, Shanghai and Shenzhen in China.



Matthew Suen

  • Matthew Suen is a members of a technical team of CloudToken project.

About Matthew Suen

Matthew was born in Hong Kong and he raised there. In the past, he worked in various places around the world: in London (UK), in Vevey (a town in Switzerland), in Dana Point (a city located in southern Orange County, California), in Shanghai (a city in China) and now he lives in Singapour.

Collaborative, adaptable and hardworking Swiss-educated digital economic enthusiastic, with a strong international demonstrated history of experience in 5 different countries. Early Blockchain technology adapter, familiar working with revenue management, Blockchain related businesses and passionate about engaging with individuals and teams with a different cultural background.

  • BitBeta Co-founder
  • World Blockchain Forum Director Of Business Development (until April 2019)


How do we make money with CloudToken?

One project is currently available: Jarvis BOT. If we transfer our funds to this bot, we are receiving 6 to 12% with daily accruals. This income is generated with VAROOM strategy filtered by technical indicators such as macd, ema or dema in conjunction with intelligent triangular arbitrage.

JARVIS AI uses VAROOM to analyze past and current major cryptocurrencies on 10 main crypto exchanges. We receive our accruals in the form of CTO token. When the value of this token grows, we also earn extra. The value of the token increases in proportion to the increase of the number of tokens owned by all users. This token can be exchanged to ETH at any time and paid out.

First project: Jarvis Bot