CloudToken is a decentralized multi-wallet connected with an intelligent bot
containing transactions on exchanges
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What is CloudToken?

CloudToken is a feature-rich mobile application installed on your phone (android or IOS). The basic function of this application is a digital multi-wallet where we are able to store various cryptocurrencies in one place. The wallet is also connected to a trading bot (Jarvis). This bot allows us to generate income of around 10% per month (with daily accruals).
By allocating our funds under the bot management we can generate passive income in the form of an internal CTO token. By hodling this token we can expect additional income, because a stable increase of CTO price is expected. Then we can exchange this token to ETH by using internal exchange. Basing on our experience we predict and we are convinced of the future dynamic growth of CTO price. Similar projects like PlusToken or SCFToken also have followed and are still following this path.

How does a trading bot work? Live trading recorded for our request:

Why choose CloudToken?

  • Transparency - CloudToken team consists of industry-recognized cryptocurrencies in the industry. We can get acquainted with the names of the most important people and companies co-creating this project and possessing extensive professional experience. Transparency is also associated with live transactions on crypto exchangers which can be seen in the application window. VIP members will be able to use and directly connect this bot to their crypto exchangers!

Ronald Aai - CTO of CloudToken

  • Anonymity - When registering an account in CloudToken wallet we do not provide any personal data. We will also be never asked about our account verification unless we want to use debit cards to withdraw funds from ATM. We can also create multi-accounts. By registering in the application we get access to private keys so we are the only ones who have access to our cryptocurrency addresses
  • Simplicity of operation - registration is a very simple process. The launch of the bot and the transfer of funds inside the application look similarly simple. The simplicity of operation, however, is burdened with the need to pay a special attention to the security of our wallet. For this purpose we receive appropriate tools: Google Authenticator, Mnemonic words and secondary password. We should pay a special attention to create a backup and place it in a safe place.


Download CloudToken PDF presentation

It is introducing the most important aspects of the wallet's operation